Thunderbird B20 2km Battery Energiser

B20 Powers up to 2 km

Developed to deliver reliable high performance animal control, at an affordable price.
Thunderbird -Australia’s Biggest Electric Fence Manufacturer !
•Powered by 12voltD.C. battery, optional solar panel,or an optional A.C. Mains adaptor. •Sealed electronics, protects from insect and moisture damage.
•OK operation pulse light and low battery warning light fitted.
•Quality Australian made product, with 2 years warranty
•Lightning spark gap fitted-12 months warranty against lightning strikes.
•Simply hangs on hot wire or tape,or can be screwed to a post.
• Comes with 12voltD.C. lead, fence lead and earth lead.
•Tough,compact,weather proof enclosure.
•Microchip controlled for reliability and high performance