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Parkside Produce

Lucerne/Oaten Hay Cubes - MULTICUBE

Benefits of feeding MultiCube Hay Cubes
  • Nutritionally consistent

Quality controls and procedures mean there is little variation in
nutritional values of each batch of MultiCube Hay Cubes.
  • Palatable and easy to digest
Hay Cubes are easy for horses to chew. Increased chewing time
increases saliva which is great for a horse’s digestive system.
Soaking the Hay Cubes makes them soft but not crumbly making
them ideal for horses with worn or damaged teeth.
  • Retained fibre length
Our hay is coarsely chopped to allow fibre length to be retained by
the cubing process. Fibre length is important for maintaining good
teeth and a healthy digestive system.
  • Easy portion control
The consistent weight of Hay Cubes allows for quick easy feed
preparations. Less than half the volume of Hay Cubes is needed to
substitute the same weight of chaff.
  • Selective foraging is eliminated
Hay Cubes contain the entire plant, ensuring no selective
separation occurs.
  • Reduced waste and minimal dust
As much as 15% of baled hay can be wasted during feeding.
Less than 1% of Hay Cubes are lost, which saves feed costs.
Minimal dust occurs in our Hay Cubes, which assists the horse’s
respiratory system.
  • Convenient to stack, store and handle
Our Hay Cubes are denser than traditional hay and chaff; they take
up less room when being stored and in the float when travelling.
  • Easy to feed
We make hay easy to stack, store, feed and transport.