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Fabrite Mini Silo Bin 2400

The FabRite mini silo bin is designed and fabricated out of galvanised steel to handle the harshest conditions wether it be rain , hail or shine The FabRite mini Silo bin will stand the test of time. Our product will keep any product you wish to store in them dry and vermin proof. 

The FabRite mini silo bin comes in two standard sizes but can be also custom built if required for special orders .
Our standard bin sizes are 1160 mm square holding Aprox 1.6 cubic meters of product . 
The taller model is 2400mm high with a clearance under the chute of 550 mm to allow for a 20 litre bucket , small container or even an auger to fit under for unloading.
The shorter model is 2030 mm high with a chute height of 150 mm from the ground. This model is designed mainly for the back of the Ute or truck to keep the load height down when travelling . 

The chute is an easy 1 handle action to open. The chute opening is 200 mm wide with a tapered door to allow minimal flow if need be and opens to a height of 90 mm for a fast high volume flow. The shape of the bin allows all the product to flow out with minimal to no cleaning need.

All FabRite mini silo bins come with a standard width fork frame at the bottom of the silo to allow the silo to be moved around when full or empty . 
There is 4 tie down points to secure the bin when been transported or moved around on the back of a vehicle.
The lid having 4 solid steel handles makes it easily removed. This lid is held on with two adjustable steel over-centre latches that can be locked if need be.
When the lid is removed it reveals a large 1 meter square opening which allows a very easy operation when loading with a bulka bag or auger. 

Our products at FabRite fabrications are always quality checked and tested before dispatched .