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Classic Plus

CLASSIC PLUS Crush (painted)

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Top of the range heavy duty crush with full vet facilities. Designed
to completely immobilise cattle quickly and efficiently, with a
double sided parallel squeeze keeping safety top of mind.
DIMENSIONS: 3730mm (L) | 1100mm (W) | 1900mm (H)
725mm (INTERNAL) | 760kg (WEIGHT)
• Made from all Australian ALLGAL® products prior to painting
• Mechanical operation with drop away handles
• Baulk gate included
• Parallel squeeze
• Top and bottom gates hinge together
• Backing bars
• Split vet gates on operating side, manway access
gate on opposite side
• Kick around latch on bottom vet gate
• Fully sheeted slide gate on telescopic track
• Head lifter & over head restraint mechanism
• Lugging system to suit cattle yard systems
• Includes needling gate for safer vetting procedures