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Parkside Produce

Big Gun Mulit Pack Applicator 30ml

A Multi pack which includes Drench, Shower and T-Bar nozzles plus a Santoprene TPE (black) hosing which can handle the harshest chemicals
Designed for a wide range of products for cattle and sheep, including Flukicides, Tickicides and Lousicides
Suitable for cattle tickicides such as Acatak, where you can purchase an optional fan tip nozzle
Delivers a range of dosages from 3 to 30ml in increments of 1ml
No product ‘after spurt’ to reduce wastage
Features a Dose Selector at the top of the applicator which allows quick and easy changes to the dosage by rotating the numbered dosage rate at the top of the applicator
Features a large 9mm delivery tube making it more suitable for particularly viscous products
Robust, easily dismantled for cleaning and re-lubrication (see cleaning instructions)