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Corryong Fire Donation

January 02, 2020 2 min read

So everyone can see where our cash donations are going, following is a running table of donations in and what the money is being spent on, this will be updated daily. If you want to donate click above to be taken to the shop. thanks

27/1/20 DONATIONS TO DATE $520.00
3/1/20 Dunroamin Pet Rescue** $68.00 $10189.15
3/1/20 Wodonga Show Ground Pet Food** returned $10189.15
4/1/20 Amanda Little - Horse first aid kits ** $360.00 $9829.15
5/1/20 Feed to Cudgewa ** $2994.00 $6835.15
7/1/20 Wodonga Show Ground Pet Food** $115.00 $6720.15
8/1/20 Fuel Voucher $100.00 $6620.15
11/1/20 Feed for Wildlife (specific request) $500.00 $6120.15
11/1/20 Latchford Barracks - Horse Feed** $69.30 $6050.85
11/1/20 Bear Hill Fire - Cattle feed** $33.00 $6017.85
14/1/20 All Purpose Pellets to Cudgewa (2) $1586.00 $4431.85
16/1/20 All Purpose Pellets to Jingelic (3) $2379.00 $2052.85
17/1/20 All Purpose Pellets to Corryong (bags) $165.20 $1887.65
21/1/20 All Purpose Pellets to Thowlga Valley (2)  $1586.00 $301.65

** Extra items not in the donation boxes 

8/1/20 - $500.00 from total to be spent on products for local Wildlife - contact has been made and waiting on requirements before updating the above.

9/1/20 - We currently have 10T of all purpose livestock feed on order. The cost to get the goods from the Suppler to us is $7910.00 - This is our current target to get feed to the farmers.

 Items physically donated are being distributed as required.
These have included -

  • 3 Semi Loads of Hay (courtesy of Parkside Produce Customers)
  • 1 pallet of mixed product for local wildlife group in Yackandandah.
  • Approx 5 pallets of dog and cat food, bowls, mats etc, collected on behalf of the Border Small Animal Rescue - the larger bags of food were sent directly to the farmers. 2 pallets to BSAR and final pallet of food and accessories to Corryong
  • 3 pallets of Cattle/Sheep Feed - 4 Large Squares - 1 Large Round - 100 Small Bales (Thank you to Brad Andrews Landscaping for helping get this load picked up from Yackandandah and taking up to the fire areas)
  • Our first load up (Taken by Jo Humphrey and crew) - Not sure of actual numbers but Utes and trailers full of hay and dog food

  • 7 Pallets of All Feed Pellets to Cudgewa / Jingelic / Thowgla Valley

Our thanks go to:

Yackandandah Community
Brad Andrews Landscaping (Brad and Tyler)
Jo Humphrey and Crew
Jones Farm Services
James Fast Freight
Everyone who physically donated goods and offered services to help us move the items.

The following are the wonderful people who have donated cash to achieve our goals.

Mars Petcare
Tangambalanga Tennis Club
Go Fund Me Page "Food for fire affected chooks, goats and sheep"

Kate S
Doug P
Sue W
Debra, Mick and family
Gabrielle L
Katherine S
Vic and Andy G
Keith Q
Shelley L
Kirkwood family
Amy L
Claire B
Catherine M
Lorraine K (Ireland)
Katie F (USA)
Ann M
Rob P
Sandy B
Jennifer G (Qld)
Merrily M (USA)
Tara Y (USA)
Lara J (USA)
Sinead F (Ireland)
Wendy A
Cathie V (USA)
Amy RM
Michael T
Kath R
Dymphna F (Ireland)
Sharon D
Eileen W
Karen P
Jean M
Smedley Family
Smith Family
Juliet W
AnnMarie M (Ireland)
Ann F (Ireland)
Lucas Family
Michael R (Ireland)
Richard W

And all our anonymous donors!

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