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December 04, 2019 1 min read

Extract from Rural Business May 2019

Correct storage of chemicals is paramount to the safety of your farm, family and employees. Knowing how to store chemicals correctly and using proper segregation techniques should be talked about with any person that comes on farm and enters chemical storage areas.

Chemical products which may react together and cause a fire, explosion, harmful reaction or the evolution of flammable, toxic or corrosive vapours are said to be incompatible. Incompatible products must be segregated so that any risk of a reaction is controlled.

Segregation is the process of separating incompatible chemical products, either by distance or by a physical means such as bunding or firewalls to prevent them mixing together.

Workplace health and safety regulators in every state require workplaces to store hazardous chemical products in a manner that prevents them mixing if a dangerous reaction might occur.

The first step in any risk control process is to identify which hazards exist, which is them same for developing segregation plans.

It is important to note that incompatibility problems are not exclusive to Dangerous Goods - all chemical products need to be checked to identify their individual risks.

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